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How dreams are coming true in China




The Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China. (File Photo)

How time flies. We are now a third of the way through 2024. During the period, have you realized any dreams? In the past, many Chinese people have made their dreams come true. Some stories went viral on the Internet, touching and inspiring numerous netizens. Here are some of the stories.

China’s Shenzhou-15 astronaut crew is known as the “Dream Crew.” Astronauts pursue their dreams of cruising in space together with China’s Space Dream. Among them, Deng Qingming’s story is particularly moving.

In 2022, Deng was selected for the Shenzhou-15 manned space mission after a comprehensive evaluation at the age of 56, perhaps not a golden age for an astronaut, a career that would require one’s physical strength and mental alertness to be constantly at their best. Yet Deng has shown his fellow Chinese that he was in excellent condition. Having learned about his experience as a “back-up astronaut,” we truly admire his devotion to China’s manned space program.

Four times in a row, Deng was selected as a member of the preparatory crew for Shenzhou-9,10,11 and 12, but never made it to the final list. Most of the time, he was a training partner for the luckier ones. “It’s impossible not to feel frustrated sometimes,” Deng admitted, “but no matter who carries out the mission, he or she represents all Chinese astronauts and I am one of them. As long as the mission is successful, my efforts pay off, even though I was only ‘Plan B’.”

As time passed by, Deng’s hope to fly into outer-space seemed to fade. But he never gave up. He quickly put aside his frustrations and restarted his daily training with an all-time positive attitude. He was willing to spend his whole life preparing for the mission he loved, but he would never allow himself to be unready when and if the task fell upon his shoulders. And when the task really came to him in 2022, he had every capability to accomplish the mission with excellence. It could be said that the rapid development of China’s space industry gave Deng the opportunity to chase his dream and Deng integrated his career into China’s space industry so that his dream was finally realized.

The Shenzhou-15 astronauts Deng Qingming (L), Fei Junlong, and Zhang Lu send their Spring Festival greetings from China’s Tiangong space station in a video released by the China Manned Space Agency on New Year’s Eve, January 21, 2023. (File Photo/Xinhua)

The dream to get equal rights in education and development has also come true in China as everything continues to improve. At the graduation ceremony of the Communication University of China in June 2023, a valedictorian won the attention of many Chinese for her good voice and impressive speech. Her name is Dong Lina, the first visually impaired master’s degree graduate specializing in broadcasting and television in China, who was once working in therapeutic massage.

Born into a farmer’s family, Dong was diagnosed with congenital amblyopia and turned completely blind at the age of 10. Like many other visually impaired children, she went to a school for the blind and the deaf and learned Tuina, a type of therapeutic massage. Her life back then was like a preset route, but Dong was reluctant to take it as it was and wanted to have more options.

In 2006, she learned about a broadcast training program in Beijing by chance, and succeeded in joining the training. Since then, Dong has deeply fallen in love with broadcast recitation.

Thanks to the development of integrated education, Dong achieved many miracles despite the difficulties. She reached the top level in the Mandarin proficiency test, and won the second prize in a national recitation contest. In 2020, she entered the Communication University of China for her master’s degree in broadcasting and television. After graduation, Dong is now leading a fulfilled life as a teacher and an active streamer on internet social platforms.

Dong Lina, China’s first visually impaired master’s degree graduate of broadcasting and television, delivers a speech at the 2023 graduation ceremony of Communication University of China (CUC), Beijing, capital of China, June 28, 2023. /Screenshot from the official WeChat account of the CUC

It is worth noting that China has nearly 85 million people with disabilities, among whom more than 17 million are visually impaired. Over the decades, China has been striving to develop various ways to safeguard their rights to welfare, education and employment, so that people with disabilities can benefit equitably from social and economic progress, expand their career choices and pursue a better life.

Deng and Dong might be thought of as quite special due to the nature of their careers. But for every ordinary Chinese, they also have an opportunity to chase their dreams in their lives. A migrant worker named Yi Qunlin received an invitation to the 2024 National Spring Festival Gala. Why was he invited?

Yi was a construction worker in Shenzhen and an enthusiastic music lover. One day in April 2023, he found a charity piano at a subway entrance. His son encouraged him to give it a try.

As he was playing The Butterfly Lovers, people present were all amazed. With their encouragement, Yi went on and played more than ten pieces. “I felt that I was recognized by people. Music makes me happy, letting me forget my worries and cares.” he said.

Yi Qunlin, wearing a construction worker’s uniform, plays the piano on the street. /Screenshot of a viral video online

In the following month, Yi was invited to perform in a concert hall for his fellow workers, something he had never imagined before. More surprisingly for Yi, he received an invitation to attend the 2024 National Spring Festival Gala.

As inclusiveness continues to be enhanced in China today, grassroots win respect and recognition from society, and lead a dignified life according to their personality and strengths. Yi earns his living working at construction sites, and he creates happiness playing the piano.

Stories like these are abundant in China today. They tell us how human rights are protected and promoted as China develops. One of the advantages of China’s development model is that it can bring more fruits of modernization to all of its people more equitably, continue to better protect human rights, and strengthen freedom and all-round development. How Deng, Dong and Yi realized their dreams in China is the best proof.

Source: CGTN

Editor’s note: The author is a commentator on international affairs, writing regularly for CGTN and publishing as it is from CGTN. He can be reached at The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Maldives News Network or CGTN.

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China: Will advance cooperation with Maldives while respecting its sovereignty





Bater, Vice Chairman of the 14th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) the political advisory board in the People’s Republic of China, has affirmed that Chinese government will respect and support Maldives’ sovereignty while advancing cooperation between the two nations.

Bater, who is an official visit to the Maldives, paid a courtesy call on President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu Thursday morning at the President’s Office.

During the meeting, Bater conveyed warm greetings from Chinese President and congratulated President Muizzu on ruling PNC’s victorious supermajority in the parliamentary elections.

He also spoke regarding the historic relations between Maldives and China, and in this trajectory, reiterated that the Chinese government respects and supports the Maldives’ sovereignty and promotes mutual respect while advancing cooperation between the two nations.

Bater said President Xi’s state visit to the Maldives in 2014 and President Muizzu’s recent state visit to China have significantly contributed to the advancement of cooperation and friendly relations between the two countries.

Speaking at the meeting, President Muizzu emphasized the cordial relationship between the Maldives and China and expressed looking forward to strengthening the friendly relations between the two countries.

Referring to his state visit to China, the President also extended gratitude for the opportunity.

President Muizzu and Beter concluded the meeting by expressing their eagerness to work closely on future collaborations.

Bater arrived in the Maldives on a three-day official visit on Tuesday evening.

He was appointed vice chairperson of CPPCC in 2018, and also serves as a member of Central Committee of ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

CPPCC, comprising of delegates from CCP and its people’s organizations, political parties and independent members, advises and puts proposals for political and social issues to government bodies. It, however, lacks any real legislative power.


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Minister Shiyam: MIFCO lacks capacity to purchase yellowfin tuna this year





Fisheries Minister Ahmed Shiyam, on Wednesday, said the state’s fisheries company, MIFCO, lacks the capacity to purchase yellowfin tuna from yellowfin tuna fishermen this year.

Local fishermen staged a protest at sea on Wednesday over the delays in the disbursement of payment for the fish purchased from them. The protest, organized by the Bodu Kanneli Masveringe Union (BKMU) – a trade Union of yellowfin tuna fishermen – initially began at Hulhumale’ jetty and later moved to Male’ lagoon.

Minister Shiyam visited the protest site and addressed the fishermen during which he said MIFCO currently lacks the capacity to purchase yellowfin tuna from yellowfin tuna fishermen. Nevertheless, he affirmed the administration’s commitment to purchase yellowfin tuna as pledged by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

“We are undertaking efforts to strengthen MIFCO, and we will get it done,” he added.

Speaking further, Minister Shiyam underscored the President’s wishes to fulfill his electoral pledges in the early years of his electoral term.

“Please know that in these seven months, we have been faring through serious financial difficulties. Nevertheless, we are working,” he stressed.

The Minister also noted that the government wishes to proceed with matters following consultations with stakeholders.

He also addressed one of the biggest concerns of fishermen at present; the government’s plans to allow commercial longline fishing.

He assured that commercial longline fishing will not be allowed as it had been practiced previously in the Maldives, adding the plans will be implemented in a manner that the interests of the yellowfin tuna fishermen, who will strongly be impacted by longline fishing, are protected.

At Wednesday’s protest, participants demanded the government drop its plans to allow commercial longline fishing. They also demanded that MIFCO begin purchasing yellowfin tuna as pledged by the government and the disbursement of payment for pending dues to fishermen.


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Over MVR 10 million raised for Palestine as nationwide telethon concludes





The nationwide telethon, conducted under the slogan “Falastheenaa Eku Dhivehin,” which translates to “Maldivians in Solidarity with Palestine,” by the Public Service Media (PSM), in partnership with local media has concluded.

Over MVR 10 million was raised for Palestinians with donations from various parties, alongside over USD 31,000.

As part of the telethon, donation boxes have been placed in 13 locations across the Maldivian capital, Male’ City.

The telethon was conducted under the direct instruction of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu who launched the event on Wednesday morning. President Muizzu and First Lady Sajidha Ahmed made donations during the launching ceremony.

The ceremony was also attended by senior government officials including cabinet ministers.

Notable donations made during the telethon included MVR 2.1 million from Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), MVR 500,000 from STELCO and MVR 300,000 from STO. Donations were also made by various other government ministries, institutions, companies and private individuals. A local family, ‘Nooran Family’ also donated MVR 50,000.

Israel’s current war on Gaza, which began on October 7, 2023, has killed more than 37,000 Palestinians, many of them women and children. It has also reduced much of the Palestinian territory to rubble, displaced the vast majority of residents, and resulted in widespread malnutrition.


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